Director, producer and editor.
 Filmed in Barcelona, Spain.
Design: Pere Oliva

Poster design: Pere Oliva

RAW winner in two categories at the Dare to Dance in public Film Festival
RAW finalist at the Granajoven en un CLIP music video contest
RAW Exhibit online presentation
RAW Exhibit poster. Design: Pere Oliva
Directed, produced and edited by Caitlin O'Rorke
Music: InnerCut ???? (Neonized Records)
Dancers are The Block Dance Crew: Elber Medina B.F, Michael Castro Chael.m, Neus Márquez Snow, Ronald Ferreira Prototype, Twezzy Too Eazy, Vladimir Medina Cube
Choreography: The Block Dance Crew, Caitlin O'Rorke
Director of Photography: Adrià Moles, Caitlin O'Rorke
Camera assistant and Graphic designer: Pere Oliva
Production assistant: Helena O'Rorke
Special thanks: Espai Jove Garcilaso, CaixaForum Barcelona, Helsinkipro
Project directors, managers and designers: Pere Oliva and Caitlin O'Rorke
Special thanks: Espai Jove Garcilaso, Espai Jove Boca Nord

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