"Delicious Storm" by Barnaby Tree is my first music video and the career final project I made to culminate with my university degree in audiovisual design in September 2012. 
It has a great conceptual load as it is carefully worked with the lyrics of the song and how each concept could be transmitted with the darcer body movement, so it is interesting to take a look at the lyrics (above) to delve into the story and the different atmospheres... something is about to shine!!
The song is from the album "In my brain you are furry" produced by Pebble Music in Berlin (available here).

There is an explosion of light, that comes from your eyes,
and it puts me in mind of the sun, somebody just having fun,
you send your light out into the sky, and include everything going by,
the dogs, the bees, the birds and these houses, they´re all included in your disguises.

Una tormenta deliciosa...

You´re working tables in the night, your body is there but your mind is escaping,
to the music of the band, to the music of your imagination,
your soul flies out the door, and heads off flat out for the horizon,
who can tell where you´ll be when another morning hits the sky.

Una tormenta deliciosa...

There is something to express, while we are in this bloody mess,
and if I´m lucky and I make it through maybe I´ll get to spend some more time with you,
you are complete, from your arse to your teats, from the melody to the beat,from your head to your feet,
from your elbow to your knees, from your storm to your breeze.

Una tormenta deliciosa...

The universe is expanding, all this is not what you where planning,
The brindle in the fields and the bramble in the garden, got thorns and it´s still choking you,
A patch of light moves across the mountain, a hawk dives down from the heavens,
there is no escaping it, you´re in the middle of it,
so just kick back and shine, shine, shine, shine!
shine your light, shine your light, shine your light!

You´re like a wave, you´re like a storm, tearing through this heart, this town and this brain,
And you are brighter than the sun, more present than anyone.
Shine your light!

Una tormenta deliciosa!
It is a creative and personal project in which I worked during eight months along with the scottish musician and artist Barnaby Tree and the Colombian dancer Giovanna Lacorazza - and all the people who supported and helped me in the possible realization of the whole project.
The first part was shoot at Treatreneu, a little theatre in Barcelona.
I travelled to Berlin, where Barnaby Tree resides, to shoot all his part with the cello.
What a huge and precious instrument!
Back to Barcelona, in the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella, I filmed the end of the music video, which supposed a huge challenge full of color dust.
Amazing team of helpers!
Then, it came the edition development. Hours and hours!!! Intense but worthed it :)

September 2012, work done!
All I wanted to do was to share and thank all my family, friends and huge supporters with an oficial presentation organized with my friend Miriam Millan at the Ateneu del Clot of Barcelona.
Giovanna Lacorazza made a dance performance and I finally presented "Delicious Storm"!
One of the happiest days of my life.
Thank you.
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