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Behind the Scenes Territorio de Delirio music video. Photo by Paula Piñón

I am_
digital video creator based in Barcelona, with experience in directing, producing, filming and editing. I specialize in short-form videos such as promo videos, short documentaries, video content and dance and music videos. I sometimes take photos too.
I like_
Always aware of the latest news in digital platforms and entertainment trends. Interested in sharing stories about culture, people, travel, nature, and the environment. Mainstream cultural interests in the industry of music, fashion, and culture. Also in body expressions such as art in any form, dance, and sports. Anything that thrills my soul gives sense to my work.
Always open for new creations, collaborations and partnerships
My work in progress_
· Creative Producer for documentary directed by Alexandra Roca
· Director and editor for short-documentary for National Geographic Spain
I speak_
English, Spanish and CatalaN
I studied_
Degree in Audiovisual Design granted with a Scholarship and FPI Grant
Filming at Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future press conference
Caitlin O'Rorke at Netflix Los Angeles
Caitlin O'Rorke at the FICG LA
Caitlin O'Rorke filming in Newport Beach
Caitlin O'Rorke directing Adrià Moles in Edinburgh for Diet Now commercial
Caitlin O'Rorke filming the Wetherby Wheelers
Caitlin O'Rorke filming Miss Van artist
Caitlin O'Rorke with Ferran Vilajosana and Ignacio Vallejo at the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children FOX premiere
Caitlin O'Rorke filming Tony Hawk
Caitlin O'Rorke presenting for ESDiTV at the 080 Barcelona
Caitlin O'Rorke with ESDiTV team
Caitlin O'Rorke at the short and sweet theatre film hollywood festival
Caitlin O'Rorke filming in Peru
Caitlin O'Rorke filming for ESDiTV
Caitlin O'Rorke nominated for RAW at the Granajoven en un Clip Festival, Granada
Caitlin O'Rorke PA Intern at ESPN Los Angeles
Caitlin O'Rorke and Maria Brasero at the Recent Spanish Cinema in Los Angeles
Caitlin O'Rorke and Miriam Millan filming for ESDiTV
Caitlin O'Rorke and Nuria Babel at the AICI in Barcelona
Caitlin O'Rorke and Oriol Ocaña for ESDiTV
Caitlin O'Rorke at ARAAA! festival
Caitlin O'Rorke presenting CIDIC Bunketype video at ESDi
Caitlin O'Rorke interviewing Cristina Pedroche for ESDiTV
Caitlin O'Rorke, video editor work table
Caitlin O'Rorke interviewing Juanra Bonet for ESDiTV
Caitlin O'Rorke, Mireia Feliz and Joan Sanchez at Els Matins de TV3 Josep Cuní talking about Lipdub ESDiTV from ESDi
Caitlin O'Rorke for MolaTV talking about Lipdub ESDiTV from ESDi
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